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2 min readDec 21, 2021



The idea of spreading and protecting copyright paves the way for Theca, the first blockchain library. The core team is put up quickly and the structure of the project is defined.

Their mission is to preserve, spread and promote knowledge without geographical limits and protect the copyright and the ownership of the works.

Theca’s decentralized ecosystem will provide the community of authors, readers, and publishers with an intermediary-free literary environment that will become the industry benchmark and will help authors with the attribution, distribution, and monetization of their content stored in blockchain.

After months of defining goals and elaborating technical market analyzes, the THECA Token is published on the Main net of Solana.

📢All players will receive 5 $THECA
🔹Win 10,000,000 $THECA from
🔹LOTTERY: They choose randomly from the players, 1 winner of 100,000 $THECA
📅 End Date: 31st December 2021
🏦 Distribution date: January 20th.2022

📢The Referral Rules:
Invite your friends to join and you can receive $THECA
🔹​The top 3 referrals will receive 5,000 $THECA/player
🔹The top 10 referrals will receive 3,000 $THECA/player
🔹The top 20 referrals will receive 1,000 $THECA/player
🔹Complete all tasks of the airdrop
🔹Submit your SOLANA wallet address


✌Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining any airdrops project.
✌By Participating you are agreeing to Airdrop

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