«Candy Cash!» Massive AirDrop

Prize-pool: 1,100,000 $CANDY


Authorize and leave your BEP-20 MetaMask wallet address

Execute the task-list

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the game and interact with the platform after it is launched (March 2022)

Receive your tokens (March 2022)

*Import $CANDY token into your MetaMask wallet following the instruction that should be posted on official Twitter on the ending date of the AirDrop campaign (15th of Feb)

Referral Program Competition

Refer friends using your personal referral link, and win:

$300 for the TOP 1 referral

$150 for the TOP 2 referral

$50 for the TOP 3 referral

Users must be following our social networks to claim Airdrop Tokens

*the number of entries you get = the numbers of tokens you will receive

Join Link :>>>https://is.gd/9M4Man<<<

Thanks for reading
Good luck and wish you all the best

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