AcknoLedger Community Giveaway

AcknoLedger is the gateway to Web 3.0 Metaverse and Gaming NFTs. AcknoLedger aggregates all the Digital Assets across Gaming, Metaverse, and NFT platforms.
AcknoLedger introduced UCNS (Universal Content Numbering Scheme), which is the World’s first decentralized nomenclature of NFTs that will help in interoperability across Metaverses. UCNS system will enable people to buy NFTs not only on hype but based on utility, scarcity, social proof, and many other features. UCNS will be an excellent source to discover arbitrage and trading opportunities of NFTs across Metaverses.

To participate in the AcknoLedger Community Giveaway, each participant needs to increase their score to be able to win.

Giveaway PrizePool 👇 
 $2500 worth of ACK tokens up for Grabs

How it will be distributed?

Top 20 Participants will get #ACK tokens worth $50 each

We are also going to give Airdrop of $1500 worth of #ACK tokens to lucky 150 participants by using a lottery system.

To Participate in the Contest you need to:-

1- Join Discord
2- Follow us on Twitter
3- Retweet the post
4- Join us on Telegram
5- Follow us on Instagram
6- Subscribe our Youtube Channel
7- Refer your Friends to increase your chances of Winning

Link to join : giveaway

Thanks for reading
Good luck all and wish you all the best

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